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Historic Oktoberfest 2011

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Map of the Wies'n

Map of the Historic Wies'n

Insiders' Munich Oktoberfest

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Oktoberfest 2013

Saturday 21st September until Sunday 6th October

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Twelve thunderous guns salute the beginning of the Oktoberfest and the Mayor taps the first barrel to the cry "O'Zapft ist". The waiters bring the first steins of beer, the bands start the music and the mighty Ferris Wheel begins to turn. Finally, the world's biggest festival has begun.

For 16 days everything in Munich revolves around the Oktoberfest.

Who hasn't dreamt of visiting the world's biggest festival one day?

This is Munich's biggest and most famous festival. Waitresses carrying large steins of foamy Oktoberfest beer, live music, singing and dancing. There is also a fun fair on the site.

The 14 large beer tents seat a total of almost 80,000 people. "Tents" is a bit of an understatement as these are large solid structures about the area of a football pitch and the height of a 3 or 4 storey building that take over 2 months to build and just slightly less to dismantle.

Oktoberfest Facts:

  • Over 6 million people visit the Oktoberfest every year
  • 70 million hector litres of beer are drunk
  • 104 ox are eaten (each one being given a name in the Ochsenbraterei)
  • 522,000 chickens are eaten
  • 58,500 pork knuckles are eaten

It is lively, busy and noisy - but well worth the visit!

Can you get anything other than beer to drink?

How long does it run for?

Which is a good day to visit?

How do I get a table?

What else is happening in Munich at this time?

From 2010 Oktoberfest is no smoking within the tents although from 2011 special smoking areas have been set aside in all tents.

For the answers to these and other questions including some very helpful hints and tips built up over 15 years of personal experience visiting the Oktoberfest then see here for the guides available, after all

"You're not here for a long time, just a goodtime"

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Some people think the Oktoberfest is a matter of life and death;

it's more important than that!

Oktoberfest 2011 in Facts and Figures

  • There was 143 hours of sunshine and an average temperature of 24 degrees
  • 6.9 million people drank 7.5 million litres of beer, an increase on 2010
  • A record 4 million people travelled there by public transport
  • 48 children were lost
  • 226,000 steins were recovered by security as people attempted to steal them from the tents
  • Police attended 2175 incidents and made 487 arrests
  • Lost property items included: live 8cm grasshopper, viking helmet, crutches, an electric wheelchair, 1300 items of clothing, 520 wallets, over 1000 ID cards, almost 500 mobile phones, 370 pairs of glasses, 90 camers and 425 sets of keys - not forgetting a set of dentures (every year there is at least one set of dentures!).

Insiders Guide to the Oktoberfest

Beer Score Cards

Survival Guide


"It is predicted that every time "Ein Prosit" is sung in one of the large tents, 1000 litres of beer is consumed or accidentally spilt"

Head of Bier and Oktoberfest Museum